About Kingdom Crashers

Kingdom Crasher Youth Group desires to help students focus and develop a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We want our teens to see Gods vital role in our lives, plans and future. Understanding the role He plays in our life is crucial. We also cultivate a need for intimate worship. God desires our praise, and we are here to commune with Him!

On Wednesday evening is our midweek service (7:00-8:00) We strive to involve our students in ministry during this time. A typical Wednesday night “Kingdom Crasher” Youth service is structured with a welcome from Pastor Darla, a worship set (using our young people), a possible drama, and then a message to challenge and build up our students relationship with Jesus Christ. We always end with a time of prayer and some yummy food!

Every other week we gear it down a little and have “CT” (class time). This night will be centered around a certain topic or theme and involves more of a open discussion atmosphere . Games and interaction are very much a part of these evenings.

Throughout the year we have numerous fun events planned as well as spiritual retreats. These retreat times help enhance our students walk with God. We are developing our teens into bold, strong in the faith, and full of the Holy Spirit Christians. Taking the Kingdom by Force and walking in Power!